Hey there! My name is Emily, but most people call me Em. I'm currently a senior at UC Santa Barbara, pursuing a double major in Economics and Communication, and a minor in Multimedia Professional Writing. I'll soon be working full-time in product marketing in the biotech industry.

In my free time, I like to spend my time exploring coffee shops, booking flights across the world, watching Disney-Pixar animated films, and creating cringe-worthy puns (bad puns are how eye roll). I believe in learning, constantly, and challenging the status quo. Welcome to my world; I hope you enjoy your stay.



Product Marketing, with a dabble of design on the side.

I've always considered myself a creative soul, but am also passionate about strategy. I chose product marketing to marry my interests in customer experience, management, and creative strategy. Ultimately, I'm passionate about contributing to the discovery and development of new technologies, and hope to be a contributor to bettering our world.



Travel is number one. Coffee is a close second. Films? Yes, please!

I admit it: I have eclectic interests. I caught an itch for traveling and can't find the cure; I'm hoping to visit as much of the world as I possibly can. Some say I'm a coffee addict...I love a great cold brew. As an avid movie-admirer, I love watching films, crying along to Oscar acceptance speeches, and reading conspiracy theories about movie plots online.



B-school, a dog, and urban living.

I'll be working in the LA area post-grad, but still have a list of goals to accomplish in the next decade of my life. I do hope to attend grad school to earn my MBA, preferably on the East Coast; I know I'll be adopting a dog once I get my more-permanent living situation settled, and lastly, I hope to end up in New York City for a few years of my 20s.


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